Enduring on the Lake

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chapter 9

I hung up the phone from talking to Mom and stared at the mess with troubled eyes.  To no one in particular I said, “You know, you could just say you won’t tell me your reasons.  You don’t have to treat me like a child and make stuff up.” 

Of course I could never actually say that to my parents.  One it was way too disrespectful and two, I don’t really have any proof they are lying, just one of my feelings.  The question I really want the answer to isn’t what their plans are – I trust them – it’s why.  Why?  If it’s secret I get it.  But, if I’ve not proven myself to be trustworthy I should at least be told what I’ve done wrong.  It is really bothering me.  Bothering me almost as much as finding out the money for the cabin repairs and everything is coming from some life insurance policies that my brother had had on him. 

“Uh …,” I stuttered while Dad explained to Mr. Tennyson – to comply with the IRS requirements – where the money was being transferred from. 

After we left Daddy sensed how ill at ease I was.  “What’s on your mind Darlin’?”   Upset we didn’t tell you?” 

“About what?  Any money from Sam is your business.  Just …” 

“Just what?” 

“Well …,” I hesitated.  “Daddy shouldn’t you and Mom be saving that for your retirement or something?”

“Honey, retirement is a false concept.  Didn’t exist until the government came up with it in the 1900s to move old workers out of the workforce so younger, cheaper workers could take their place.” 

Not wanting a lection on something I’d already grown up listening to I said, “Daddy …” 

“Now listen Sydney, your mother and I have already discussed this.  The cabin needs no small amount of work and upkeep that we’ve been putting off.  Well, it can’t be put off any longer.  We consider this an investment … and investment in the future.  I’m working on some alternative income ideas that I’ve been putting off as well.  Lot’s of things we’ve put off that it’s now time to deal with.” 

“But why now?  Why wait so long?” 

“Part of it is the money was just released by the government two years ago.  The so-called secret report on the incident needed to be completed and from there it had to filter down through the propers and then so many had to sign off on it, so on and so forth.” 

“But you’ve had the money two years?” 

“The … the powers that be were being nasty and watchful.  So were the insurance companies.” 

“How?  And for criminey sake why?” 

“Never you mind how.” 

“But …” 

“No buts Sydney Marguerite.  And you are to speak of this with no one.  Have I made myself understood?” 

Feeling insulted I told him, “I never discuss family business.  With anyone.  Ever.” 

“You did with Dan.” 

“Not that again.  I told you and Mom then and I’ll say it again … I most certainly did not.  He told me he heard it from his mother that had heard the cable guy blabbing about have to work around some stuff in the basement.  We don’t even store stuff down there ‘cause it gets damp.  It was right after Aunt Rhonda and Patrice came to live with us and the medical supply company delivered all that stuff.” 

“You sure?” 

“Of course I’m sure.  He was just running his mouth to needle me and made a near miss guess.  I covered our tracks by laughing at him … Dan I mean.  It caused an argument and we didn’t speak for three days.” 

Dad sighed.  “Happens I do remember that.  You cried more those three days than …” 

“It’s over and ancient history,” I interrupted.  “Just don’t think I’d ever tell tales.” 

Daddy gave me a long quiet stare but it wasn’t a distrustful feeling one.  Things went back to normal after that but now I wonder if maybe that isn’t the reason – or one of them – that Daddy and Mom are intentionally keeping me out of some things.  They don’t want me to be the weak link.  And those “some things” include why Mom would be sending so many of the family heirlooms here.  She’s also sent a lot of the photos and stuff.  Not all of them, but most, and Daddy said more is on the way as Mom can sort it, label it, and that sort of thing. 

The main thing she did this time was to make a video of herself explaining about the quilts and other linens she sent to the cabin.  She’s also wrapped them and boxed them up with cedar with additional instructions on how she wanted them stored.  For his part Daddy had taken the cedar lining that he’d meant to install at our house – they were interlocking pieces – and brought them to the cabin.  Zane was going to work on linking closets between other jobs. 

Daddy also brought most of Mom’s canning jars and equipment that weren’t already in use at home.  When I saw it I thought it had been a mistake but Daddy said, “Call your mother.  She’ll explain it.” 

Ad she did though I’m not sure what to make of it.  I was sure she’d said she planned to can the meat in the freezer.  Now she says she’d canned all she intends to and is going to dry some but most of it will stay in the freezer as is. 

“Sydney, I simply do not have the time or energy to can right now.  You’re much closer to the farmer’s markets and u-picks that we’ve always used than I am.  And with Herschel moving in that’s another adult male to feed.  What I want you to do is what we already discussed … between classes take advantage of what’s available in the area and keep your ears open for deals, maybe some willing to let their field or trees be gleaned.” 

What was I supposed to say except, “Yes ma’am.” 

I don’t know what I expected exactly by agreeing to move to the cabin like they wanted me to.  To be honest I’ve been so busy and off balance I haven’t given it enough thought … apparently.  I thought I was helping and things wouldn’t be much different from the way they were at home but I’m beginning to think maybe I’ve been set up.  Which is an awful thing to think about your own parents.  And I don’t, I mean not really, but something is certainly going on.  I don’t know what it is and I’m afraid to guess since I may not like the answer.
Hopefully if I can just prove myself they’ll let me in on it but until then I’m just gonna focus on marking things off my longer than expected to do list.  And one of those things includes going to that auction tomorrow.


  1. Kathy thanks for the up date.

  2. Ah...someone is planning for the unexpected for sure.