Enduring on the Lake

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chapter 29

I handed Zane the paperwork and he said, “That was fast.  I know people that applied a month before you and their licenses are being held up.” 

I shrugged.  “Some people have the touch.” 

He looked at me suspiciously.  “The touch?” 

I shook my head.  “Geez you’re gullible.  I don’t know why mine came so fast.  It just did.” 

“Uh huh,” he said still giving me a look I didn’t deserve.  “Either way this is a good thing.  In a couple of days archery season is going to be over and firearms season for deer and bear starts.” 


He snorted.  “Relax.  I don’t hunt bear much myself but Josh likes to.  We eat bear, just not a lot of it.  Most he sells to a client he has that is some kind of chef.  See here, they’ve spelled it out for you; you’re allowed twelve tags for deer … and some of those have restrictions … and two for bear.  Grouse, raccoon, ‘possum, and squirrel are also on the menu – with daily limits – if we can’t bag a deer for some reason.” 

“Raccoons?  Possums?  Seriously?” 

Zane grinned real big.  “You have obviously not experienced your roots quite enough to really qualify as a local girl yet.” 

“I think I can make do without that much experience thank you anyway.” 

But the look on Zane’s face told me that if he had his way I’d be trying some in the near future.  As adventurous as I imagine myself to be the thought of eating a nasty possum is a bit more than my still sensitive stomach can handle … so I changed the subject.  “You hungry?  I’ll cook something.” 

“No.  But I wouldn’t say no to a cup of coffee if you have any.” 

“I’ll fix a pot.” 

“No, not if you haven’t already got it fixed.” 

I looked at him and realized he looked tired.  “I don’t mind if you want to snooze.  It isn’t good for you to be driving if you are this tired.” 

He blinked at me and said, “You really wouldn’t mind?” 

“Not if you don’t mind me sitting here snapping these beans so I can get them on the dehydrator.  I should have had them done a long time ago.  Meant to do them yesterday except I slept through the whole flaming day.  My calendar is completely off now.” 

“Snap away,” he said and then yawned.  “Want me to help?” 

“No.  You nap.  Should I answer your phone if it rings?” 

“Depends.  Gran and Annie know I’m here.  They won’t call unless it’s an emergency; they hate talking on the phone.  Junior … I guess … but …” 

“If it isn’t an emergency I’ll take a message.” 

“Anybody else can roll over to voice mail.” 

It didn’t take long for him to doze off and I noticed it was a little chilly so I quietly started the fire I had set in the fireplace and then drew an afghan over Zane when he slid over to the side.  I got a trashcan and a bowl of beans and started snapping them and realized my head was a lot quieter than I had any right to expect it to be.  I wasn’t jumpy or scared or anything.  I thought about letting that upset me and decided it wasn’t worth the effort.  Sometimes you just had to not look a gift horse in the mouth. 

I had been snapping beans for over an hour when it was my phone and not Zane’s that went off.   

“Daddy?  Did you forget some …” 

“Hush up and listen Sydney.  They’re shutting down the city.  It happened really fast.  We aren’t getting out.  We should be ok but you probably won’t be hearing from us for a while.” 

“What?!  Daddy?!!” 

I sensed Zane jump awake. 

“There’s been some kind of incident at Hunter.  Don’t know what but it’s big.  You remember what we taught you.” 

A curtain of calm dropped down.  I flicked the tv on and up popped some idiot reporter going nuts because he was being shoved back by men in uniform telling him that he was in a restricted area and he would either leave immediately or be arrested.  Zane took the phone from my hand and started talking to Daddy.



  2. Kathy sometimes I wonder how you keep sneaking Cliff in to the stories. But oh well, I just keep right on reading and fall right over the edge screaming"

    "Mooooaaaaarrrrrrrrr !!"

  3. Oh nooooooo's!!!!!!! It's Cliff making a stop here again. One o these days I'm a gonna shoot him. Is there a season on Cliff's?? LOL MOOOAAAARRRRR! This is fast becoming my favorite well besides Linderhall. You'll never top that one! Has to be THE BEST I have ever read, but this is a real close second :) But hey, no pressure Kathy LOL...

  4. Kathy Thanks for the new chapter but, but CLIFF hijacked the rest of it, you know the part where you tell us what is going on. Please give Cliff the boot so the F5 key survives the day. :) Great story

  5. Cliff! Again!

    Thank you for the new chapters Kathy. I certainly appreciate it!

  6. Of course. Let the emergency begin!